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Cee Cee James - "Someday I'll Be Going Home"

A simple phone call from Vicky Mohler, president and a co-founder of the not-for-profit organization Support America's Armed Forces in June, 2011, persuaded musician Cee Cee James and her husband Rhythm/Slide Guitar Player and writing partner, Rob "Slideboy" Andrews to get involved with Brian Crabb's music project.

Mrs. Mohler is married to Dan Mohler, who is Cee Cee's bassist. The couple established the organization with the goal of supporting active duty service members and veterans with regard to morale, health and welfare.

“She told us about a compilation CD project entitled NEVER FORGOTTEN that would benefit the Vets and the Families that lost loved ones in the 911 Tragedy,” Cee Cee said. “I immediately touched base with the producer of the project, Brian Crabb, and he invited us to write a song. It is such a good cause and makes us feel so proud and humbled at the same time to be a part of it.”

Cee Cee already had a song that with some shifting around, could be adapted for the project, she said.
“We had a song that we had written for our upcoming CD BLOOD RED BLUES, entitled "Someday I'll be Goin' Home.",” she said. “Rob suggested I change the lyric to fit the theme. I balked, but that night I tossed and turned and knew he was right.”

As she rewrote the lyrics for the project, she felt as though she was being channeled by a Soldier who wanted to tell the world he was going home.

“He was carrying all his fellow comrades in his heart, soul and mind, so that when you looked in his eyes, you would see their sacrifice,” Cee Cee said. “I cried the entire time I was writing it and for two hours afterward as I read the lyric to Rob and worked it into the chord structure of the existing song.”

Cee Cee has come to understand through the songwriting process of "Someday I'll Be Goin' Home," that war is one of the most intense representations of life in all its emotional forms - Heartbreak, death, fear, joy, ache, longing, physical pain, success, failure, full-filled dreams, shattered dreams, love, hate, power, emotional devastation.

“Need I go on?” she asked.

Cee Cee relates to military veterans as well.

“Vets represent all forms of life.. homeless, wounded, jobless, depressed, paralyzed, hungry, lonely, scared, lost, mentally insane, ignored elders, the list is endless,” she said. “Unfortunately, this demographic of our population is not going to end anytime soon, if ever; and in the coming years it's only going to get worse.”
As a result, Cee Cee sees this project as only the beginning of her journey in its current form.

“Being a part of this project is only the beginning for Rob and I as far as working to somehow be there for Vets through our music,” she said.

She hopes listeners will join in too.

“I hope you will join us in uniting heart and action and purchase one or more of the tunes from NEVER FORGOTTEN or the entire CD,” she said. “As the last line of our song states "And I know our Lord will smile, I know He'll say Well Done."